Being My Brother's & Sister's Keeper

As an honorably discharged veteran from the best branch in the world (The United States Army), I am professionally and personally familiar with our plights. Familiarity from the perspective of enlisting as a young man, eager to serve and explore the world. To exiting as a full-grown adult with life & leadership skills that prepared me with the resilience necessary to withstand what was to come. 

As faith would have it, these resiliency skills were tested upon my Enlistment Termination of Service (ETS) and I begun the journey of reigniting myself back into society. Transitioning proved to be life-changing in that I felt like a fish out of water. Meaning, when I enlisted – my world stopped and I began my soldiering journey. Upon being replanted back into society, I soon discovered that the world which I knew, had changed…

Conquering this dilemma required diligence, courage, faith and excellent communication skills – to become a Connector of sorts. All of which, I now seek to share with my Brother’s & Sister’s in Arms and position them to receive qualitative services from those whom they so faithfully served…

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"All trainings can be sold as a package option or individual sessions. Workshops will not be provided on a 1-1 basis as a rule."