Upon Completion of Initial Consultation
The Following Services Are Offered.
(Via Hybrid Workshops)

Employers (Employees)
Three Workshops

1. Cultural Norms
Employers have their perspective of the culture which typically connects to Mission & Vision. What do your employees view the culture as? This workshop will utilize Objectives & Key Reports (OKR's) to synchronize perspectives...

2. Employment Trends & Economic Gains

Fact: Throwing $$$ & Resources @ Human Capital Needs is  NOT  a Viable - Long Term Solution. Within this re-tooling exercise, employers & employees identify ways to "know" what is hot & discover ways to establish on-ramps by maximizing existing strengths.

3. Starting Again...

 With a RENEWED Passion & Vision, Intentional Steps are Outlined & Implemented that Support Short & Long Term Solutions. 

(Experiencing Human Capital Instability)

 Customizable Workshops
(Cultural Re-Orientation)

 Workshops Per Week
(1 Hour in Length)

 Random/Anonymous Interviews
Week 1

 Reassessment Strategy 
Week 2

Week 3

$150 Per Workshop
$450 for 3


[Please Note That Facilitation of Workshops is Not a Guarantee of Positive Outcomes. Success will be Contingent on Applicable Self Investments]